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The Night Tube service is to reopen on two London Underground lines.

Services between 01:00 and 05:30 will begin on the Central and Victoria lines from 27 November.

Thousands had signed a petition demanding the service reopen in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, so that women have safer ways to get home.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the service will “make a huge difference to people travelling around our city at night”.

“I know how important this is to London’s thriving night time economy, to London’s recovery and to the confidence and safety of everyone travelling home at night, particularly women and girls,” he added.

“I am determined to make our city as safe as possible for all Londoners.”

Mr Khan said the Central and Victoria lines were selected “because they’re the busiest” and “people have more confidence using the busiest lines”.

Other lines will reopen once enough staff are available, he added.

The Night Tube, which first began in August 2016 and ran on selected lines on Fridays and Saturdays, was halted when lockdown began last year.

Services were suspended because drivers were needed for daytime services, where demand has been higher.

Last trains in central London currently leave at 01:00 BST and restart at 05:30.

More than 138,000 people have signed the petition to have the Night Tube reinstated.

Conservative London Assembly Member Emma Best said: “The Night Tube provides not only a safe route home but a safe haven for women and girls at night. And it’s essential for shift workers and the vulnerable.

“One or two lines will open before Christmas, but that isn’t good enough.”

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