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Creepy dolls have been at the centre of many horror and Halloween movie plots: Chucky, Annabelle and Heidi are just a few that spring to mind…

There’s also been many reports of haunted or demon-possessed dolls around the world making porcelain and fabric dolls — like clowns — one of the most feared imagery, and phobias, in the world.

But for one Scottish woman, her “one-of-a-kind hand-painted horror dolls” are in hot demand.

While a horror doll maybe the last thing you’d ever buy, Nadia Marcella is scrambling to keep up with orders with Halloween just around the corner

The artist and founder of “Darkling Manor Dolls” creates realistic and frightening dolls which she sells to the public.

From baby zombies to ghouls to blood-thirsty creatures, Nadia’s dolls are a sight to behold!

And they’re selling like hot cakes too! Many of her followers commission the dolls to use as Halloween props, however there have been some who’ve bought the terrifying toys as birthday and even wedding gifts…

Her work has even been featured in horror museums featuring creepy artefacts. 

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Meanwhile South Africa’s Horrorfest — the longest running and only event of its kind in the country — will go partially virtual due to the global pandemic, say organisers.

The 17th annual edition of the spooky festival takes place from 28 October to 10 November and features new and classic horror movie screenings, spooky literature and of course Halloween costumes, giveaways and more.

A limited number of screenings will take place at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town.

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